Terms & Conditions – Lincoln Santa Fun Run

Definitions used in this document:

  • “Event” The 2021 Lincoln Santa Fun Run & Walk organised by The Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia and held on Sunday 12th December 2021. This includes activities before and after the actual run on the day.
  • “Organisers” The Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia and any party appointed by the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia to manage the Event on their behalf
  • “Entry fee” Money payable on registration for the Event.

Entry fees are non-refundable. Any funds remaining from entry fees after event costs will be donated to our chosen charities for 2022.

Fundraising donations are non-refundable as the money will be donated to our chosen charities during 2022.

The Event is open to Santas of all ages however runners aged 8 year and under must participate with a parent or responsible adult, which means everyone needs to register to take part (under 5’s can register free as L’Elf Runners). Those aged 9 and over can run alone, but anyone aged 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult on the day.

By entering the Event you agree to follow (i) any directions given in advance of the Event (check our website) and during the Event by the event organisers and marshals (ii) any local or national government regulations and guidance relevant to health protection (Coronavirus) applicable on the event day.


By entering the Event, you declare that you are medically fit for the Event and enter at your own risk. The organisers or sponsors will not be held responsible for any injury or illness caused to you during or as a result of the Event or for any property lost or damaged during the Event.

Your Information

By registering to take part in the Event you consent to the personal information you provide being held and processed electronically by the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia. We will always hold your information securely and we will not pass it on to any other party other than (i) HMRC for the purposes of charity gift aid claims (ii) authorised third parties (ge PayPal) for the purposes of processing payments. Certain information (images) may be released in the public domain (see below). Your information is used solely for the purposes of managing the Event and informing you of future events organised by the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia, you may request that your information is no longer used for this purpose at any time. By entering the event you give consent tot he organisers


The Event is held in a public space. Video and still photographic images may be taken of the event and its participants. By participating (as entrant or spectator) in the Event you consent to being filmed or photographed during the event and to any such images taken being used by the organisers, the sponsors or the supported charities for purposes associated with promotion of this and future Lincoln Santa Fun Run & Walk and other charity events organised by the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia.

Drone video photography may take place. To comply with CAA regulations you agree to observe any instructions given by the drone operating company, either directly or via an event marshal or organiser. Should you have any concerns about the drone operations please notify the organisers.

Personal & Sponsorship Donations

Please refer to the separate Terms & Conditions page

Last updated: 30 October 2021