Dress Code

As we offer the registration option to provide your own (re-usable) costume we are providing some simple guidance on what is a suitable “dress code” for the Lincoln Santa Fun Run.

  • Well it’s a Santa Fun Run so please come dressed as a Santa ! We can cope with the occasional reindeer or elf but the “sea of red Santas” is part of the great spectacle which we all enjoy so much each year
  • Please come dressed (predominantly) in Red

For ALL runners taking part:

  • wear your runner number provided on your front. No runner number = no entry and no medal !
  • any other sign or message (eg a “thankyou”, “in memory of” or charity logo / message) should be worn on your back
  • street collections (buckets or tins) are required legally to have a permit from Lincoln City Council

And a few simple don’ts – your costume, any accessory, sign, wording or image displayed must not :

  • be offensive – in particular no representations of racism, hatred, violence, nudity or pornography
    • present any political or religious viewpoint
    • comprise a national flag (any nation)
    • present any personal or controversial views which the organisers consider would detract from the charitable, community, family and fun nature of the event
  • risk harm to any participant or spectator (i) make sure you can see and hear around you (ii) ensure any accessories or props are not a risk to your own or other’s safety
  • flags and banners are not permitted for safety reasons

Note: the organisers retain the right to refuse entry to the event to anyone considered by the organisers not meeting the above code or behaving in a manner which may risk harm to others, is offensive or detracts from the charitable, community, family and fun nature of the event

Thanks for your understanding. Have fun !