Charity Partner Opportunities 2024

About the event

The Lincoln Santa Fun Run & Walk is a popular community and fundraising event firmly established in the festive calendar of Lincoln City. 2024 will be the our 19th consecutive year making it one of the longest running Santa Fun Runs in the country. On Sunday 15th December up to 2000 “santas’ of all ages and abilities form a sea of red to run (or walk) through historic uphill Lincoln starting in Castle Square and ending by the imposing Lincoln Cathedral. This is a great family event the week before Christmas.

This is a great charity fundraising opportunity.

The event is well publicised and attracts excellent media coverage on the day, usually press, radio and TV.

It is organised by The Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia (a registered charity) who will donate any funds remaining after event costs to local, national and international charities during the following year.

We welcome and encourage charities to take part with teams and individuals raising funds for their cause.

Our Charity Partner Package

  1. Apply to register your charity for this year’s event (see below) at no cost.
  2. Once accepted we will include your charity on our event website – you will need to supply us with (i) your charity logo (ii) your charity name and registration number (iii) contact details (for public)  (iv) contact details, name and email (for our use) (v) up to 100 words about your charity
  3. When participants purchase their tickets online (open from 1st July 2024) they can select a charity (or charities) of choice from our partner charities. We then pass their contact details to the selected charity allowing the charity to directly to discuss fundraising and any team arrangements with the participant. At this point they can also make a donation of their choosing in which case we will process the payment, make any eligible gift aid claims and then pass the funds on to the partner charity once the even has taken place (you can opt out of this if preferred).
  4. Runners will also at any time be able to view a list of our Charity Partners and their contact details on our website. Runners can then contact the charity directly to discuss fundraising and any team arrangements.
  5. We will list your charity in our event newsletters (there are 3-4 running up to the event day) and social media postings
  6. We will give you a shout-out (through our commentator) on the day
  7. We will provide you, through our partner resource portal, with our event logo and selected images (from previous events) to use for the purpose of promoting the event.
  8. We will include your charity logo on our charity partner banner to be displayed at the event (alongside our sponsor partner banner)
  9. If you have a suitable outdoor banner we can display this on one of our barriers at the start or finish areas
  10. We provide a team support page including sign up posters, risk assessment information, request form for a team social media posting and shout out
  11. If you are a local good cause organisation but are not a registered charity you may still be eligible to take part – please contact us to discuss.

What you need to do:

  • Provide your own sponsorship forms (paper or digital online formats) for individuals and teams eg as part of your fundraising package. We can supply the event logo for you to use. If you are a very small charity we can provide you with a template and help you with design. You need to provide the means for fundraisers to send funds and sponsorship forms to you (we cannot do this for you). You also need to make any arrangements to process gift aid claims for your charity.
  • Provide a contact for runners to reach you. This will be shown as a link on our website and we will use this to send you details of participants selecting to fundraise for your charity.
  • Promote the Lincoln Santa Fun Run through your promotional and social media channels
  • Share our Newsletters (“Elf & Fitness”) with your runners – we issue around 4 newsletters running up to the event.
  • Let us know by 31 January 2025 how much you have raised – we will only use this as part of an aggregated total for funds raised by the event. We will not list individual charities and funds raised (we leave that to you)

You may also wish to:

  • Print your own “I am running for …..” runner bibs – to be pinned on the back of your runners (the runner number is displayed on the front). We can supply you with our event logo to include.
  • The event takes place in a public place. Street collections on the day require by law a licence from City of Lincoln Council. If you wish to do this you need to contact and make the arrangements with the City of Lincoln Council. We will not do this on your charity’s behalf.

Other information about the event:

  • Runners (or their charity) buy their own tickets, which includes a santa suit (a no-suit eco-option is available), event entry, a finishers medal, a personalised digital certificate of participation, and a fantastic experience. Participants can run or walk either 1 lap (2km) or 2 laps (4km) – the entry fee is the same. To keep prices manageable for families youths and children have discounted entry fees.
  • Once they receive their runner number each individual will simply register their name and place online (at no additional cost) using the QR code printed on the runner number.
  • Uniquely we allow dog entries – in fancy dress of course and with well behaved owners.

We always welcome ideas to make this event even better and raise more funds – please contact us here.

Thanks to all those charities who supported us in 2023

If you are interested in partnering with the Lincoln Santa Fun Run to raise funds for your charity or good cause this year please complete the form below

Name charity is registered with The Charities Commission for England and Wales
Registration Number issued by The Charities Commission for England and Wales