Having problems registering ?

We are aware that a small number of people have had problems registering on-line for this year’s event.

We have become aware of a problem with the registration form if you are using an iPhone or an iPad. We apologise for the inconvenience caused but it was unexpected and not found during our testing. 

STOP PRESS: 8 December: We have identified and resolved the problem now. But we will leave this advice page up in case of further problems. We apologise for the difficulties this has created for you.

The following advice may help you:

  1. If your problem is that you are unable to change the number of items you wish to order (because the scroll does not work) then just click on add to basket as many times as the number of items you require. This will update your basket accordingly.
  2. If your problem is that you cannot enter your details (name, address etc) try to register on a device other than an iPhone or iPad. It should work OK.
  3. If you still cannot register there is a paper registration form which can be printed directly from our website here.
  4. If you have registered but you have not received your confirmation email please check you email SPAM or JUNK folders.

Please contact us if you still need help

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 15th December.