Charity Thankyous

Lovely messages of thanks from charities we helped through the 2019 virtual Lincoln Santa Fun Run.

“That is great news that you did so well with your Santa Fun Run despite all the restrictions. The Lincoln Community Larder are indeed very grateful for your donation of £250 which will enable us to maintain the service which, sadly, is being needed more and more as redundancies increase etc. We certainly all look forward to a time when we can resume all the community gatherings which have been so sorely missed. Today is Candlemas, the last day of Christmas on the church calendar so it is very fitting to be appreciative of your generosity.”

“A big thank you on behalf of everyone from Andys at St Andrew’s Hospice, you have raised an incredible total in your Santa fun run – which I imagine was plenty of fun too! This donation will make a real difference to local families and will certainly help us to keep on creating moments that really count.”

“I am so pleased that your Santa fun run managed to go ahead in a self-managed way, it’s been such a difficult time for events so to see the community adapt and overcome has been truly inspiring, especially for the longest continuing running Santa fun run event! I would like to say such a massive thank you to those who participated but also to the members of The Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia for supporting The Children’s Air Ambulance. Your donation of £250 is so appreciated and just to give you an idea on how it will help here are a couple of examples for you.

  • £12 helps us to fly 4 miles
  • £24 buys a pair of children’s ear defenders to protect those tiny, delicate ears from the noisy rotors of the helicopter
  • £40 pays for 2,400 Litres of oxygen on board the helicopter for our little patients
  • £171 fuels the helicopter for 30 minutes
  • £3,500 pays for an entire mission.”

“On behalf of St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, may I offer our sincere thanks for your kind donation raised from your Santa Run in 2020. To be able to still raise these funds in such difficult circumstances is a great achievement and we greatly appreciate your hard work and support to the hospice. During the past year we have helped over 10,500 patients and their families living with a life limiting condition throughout Lincolnshire. It is only with the generosity of people such as yourselves that we are able to continue to do this, so please be assured that your donation will make a big difference and thank you once again for your kind support in this way.”

“From EDAN Lincs: We were delighted to receive the fantastic donation of £250 from yourselves. The £250 raised with your Santa Fun Run is greatly appreciated in supporting our organisation and we are so grateful you selected us to support. Your contribution will make a huge difference to many people’s lives and help us to support them to live a life free from abuse.”

You can see a full list of charities and good causes we have supported recently here.