2020 Ideas

This year’s different format for the Lincoln Santa Fun Run gives us all an opportunity to think differently when planning your Fun Run. Here are a few ideas which have been suggested

  • You don’t have to Run – you can choose to walk, push, pull, crawl, pedal, dance (but not drive !)
  • What about a Family Boxing Day Santa Fun Run/Walk
  • Maybe plan a “Santa Golf Match” (once they are open again)
  • You can even choose to do your run in chunks over more than one day
  • What about a “Santa Dance Off” – we love these dancing santas – https://www.facebook.com/GravesendAvonRep/videos/3664539690270128

And if you are locked down and locked in at home

  • A run round the garden (x) times in your santa suit and carrying a mince pie, a carrot and a glass of sherry (or milk)

‘got a good idea – post it on our Facebook Page and we will add it here.