2020 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should we run ?

A. We have not set a single date for the event, allowing people more choice to manage social distancing. But you do need to do your “run” sometime in December 2020. If you wish to choose the day our traditional Santa Fun Run would have taken place that would be Sunday 20 December 2020.

Q. Where can I run ?

A. Any public or private space which you have right of access to, providing it is safe, does not prevent other members of the public from carrying our normal activities whist respecting social distancing rules, and is not prohibited by national or local government instructions on Covid-19 prevention. Indoors-outdoors – it’s your choice.

Q. What is the maximum number of people we can having in our running group ?

A. You MUST comply with any legislation and guidance applicable on your chosen event day concerning mass participation events. You must also comply with and national or local government guidance eg on numbers, locations and social distancing on meeting family and friends as it applies on the day. Your group must not be so large or act in such a way to prevent other members of the public from following social distancing requirements. Of course you must also consider the safety of yourself, your family and friends and members of the public when using public highways and footpaths. You may wish to consider staged starts to keep group numbers to no more than 6.

Q. Can I raise money for a charity of my own choice instead ?

A. Yes you can, providing it is a UK registered charity, but this year we are unable to provide any support for charities other than our selected group. You would need to make any arrangements directly with your chosen charity.

Q. You have setup an online fundraising event on VirginMoneyGiving.com. Why can’t I raise funds using JustGiving.com ?

A. We are a small charity and are only able to offer online fundraising through one platform. We have chosen VirginMoney Giving as our online fundraising platform to ensure good value for our fundrasing. You can also transfer sponsorship money raised to us by bank transfer, Paypal or postal cheque.

Q. Can I wear my own Santa Suit ?

A. As usual you can wear your own design santa suit. We just ask that you keep within the community and family spirit of the Lincoln Santa Fun Run & Walk. Unfortunately we are unable to change the registration fee.

Q. What happens to any income from registration fees once all the event costs are covered.

A. Any money left over from registration fees once our event costs have been covered (this includes santa suits, printing, postage and packing) will be donated, along with sponsorship money raised, to our selected charities for the 2020 event.

Q. Why are you not giving donations to the NHS ?

A. The event recognises the huge debt we owe to the NHS, care staff, carers and charities during 2020. The NHS and care home services are nationally and locally funded organisations not charities. They are both however supported by vital charities who have also had to meet big increases in demand for their services whilst seeing their fundraising incomes drastically cut. Therefore we are raising funds to support a selection of these charities.

Q. One of the selected charities is The Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia – why ?

A. Each of the charities listed will receive an equal amount from the funds raised. We included our own charity trust fund in the list which means we will have a further donation available for other deserving charities during 2021. It won’t be a large amount but it might make all the difference.