If you have no fundraising experience don’t worry, we’re on hand to advise and help you and if you follow these tips you’ll soon reach your target.

We hope you will be able to raise sponsorship money for the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia (to distribute to local charities) or for a designated local charity here are a few helpful tips:

To help us achieve this we ask that in addition to your £12 entry fee each adult or family group aims to fundraise through sponsorship at least £20.17 for the 2017 Lincoln Santa Fun Run & Walk.

Paper Sponsorship Forms

  • You will recieve a sponsorship form in your competitor pack (along with your race number) but you can also download additional sponsorship forms here. Dont forget to put your Race Number and your Name & Address on all your sponsorship forms. 

  • Always start your form with your best sponsors - this sets the trend. A £5 or £10 donation is a good prompt for following donors

  • Don’t forget your donations can be increased by asking people to Gift Aid their donations. We can claim an extra 25p for every eligible £1.00 donated. Check the sponsor form for details

  • Collect any pledges straight away. Most people won’t mind you asking for their money there and then - if you don’t see people regularly, just ask them to make a donation. This will save you waiting for their money

  • Take your sponsorship form with you everywhere you go! To work, the gym, to school. Ask everyone

  • Set yourself a target. Tell everyone how much you hope to raise. They will be keen to help you reach your goal

  • Setup your own online sponsorship page with VirginMoneyGiving and share this with friends, family and work colleagues through email, Facebook, Twitter, online company newsletters and intranets etc. This makes fundraising and giving easy for you and giving easy for your sponsors who can make their donations online using credit and debit cards. Gift Aid is all manged through this service too.

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

  • Use e-mail, pigeon holes and internal mail to tell them what you’re doing. Don’t forget to ask your employers - some companies will match the donations you raise. This is tax efficient for them and a great way of doubling what you raise

  • If you have a company newsletter why not ask if you can highlight your challenge in there. Ask your personnel department if they can put a message on everyone’s wage slip about your challenge

  • Ask people to sponsor you on their pay day. This is the best time to ask for a donation. Hold a Fundraising Event at work such as a raffle or coffee morning

  • Be happy about your challenge. If you are confident about it then your enthusiasm will encourage others to help and support you

  • Please remember to return the sponsorship form (or a copy of it) with your sponsor money or we can’t claim the Gift Aid

You are doing something extremely worthwhile. Please don’t sell your efforts short. These charities would not be able to continue their vital work without the support of the essential voluntary income you raise by holding sponsored events.

On-line Sponsorship Form

We have linked our Santa Fun Run & Walk event with the VirginMoneyGiving website. You can use this to setup your own on-line sponsorship form which you can share with friends and colleagues through Facebook, Instagram and Email. It also allows your sponsors to pay using credit and debit cards and all your gift aid is managed automatically. All donations go directly to the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia who manage the allocations to individual charities, so you don't need to handle any cash. 

Just follow these easy steps to set up your own online sponsorship page 
1.  Register your place on the 2017 Lincoln Santa Fun Run 
2.  Click here to open the Lincoln Santa Fun Run event in VirginMoneyGiving
3.  You will now see the Start Fundraising page with University of Lincoln Santa Fun Run & Walk 2017 shown as the selected charity event
4.  You can now enter the target amount you wish to raise £    (or leave blank)
5.  You will see a number of charites raising funds including teh Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia with the share of your raised money split evenly between them all - just change the share for Rotary CLub of Lincoln Colonia to 100% and the otehrs to 0%.
6.  For the question “
has your charity contributed to the cost of your event ?” answer No
7. You'll see here you can also set this up as a joint fundraising page if you want to do this as a team
8. Click 
Next and you will now be asked to sign in or register with www.VirginMoneyGiving.com
9. Finally The last page is your own to create and design - make it as simple or as fancy as you wish– enjoy.

NOTE: Online sponsorship can only be done through Virgin Money Giving, the JustGiving service is no longer available for the Lincoln Santa Fun Run fundrasing.

    • If you are raising money for a charity other than the Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia they may also support online fundraising through Virgin Money Giving, Just Giving or similar web site service. Contact your chosen charity.

Direct Donations

If you are participating in the Run but do not wish to raise funds through sponsorship you can make a single personal donation when you register or at any time afterwards online - click on the link below. Please give your name and competitor number.

Santa Run Time

17th December 2017 at 11:30 -125 days : -5 hrs : -34 mins : -55s

Lincoln Santa Run 2016

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